Schedule of events
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We strive to have all students in our 16 pick up schools on one of the 6 route buses by 2:40 pm each day. Or 30 minutes after school is out.

We meet at a central location then carry students to their specific day cares.

Bee Helpful is a Christ-centered ministry serving Florence Schools with transportation needs. We are the only place that serves every school in Florence School District 1. With our 6 routes we are able to cover the expanse of Florence in partnership with the YMCA. We are able with our efficiency to have all our kids on our buses by 2:30 and not having to be left waiting at the school they are ready to leave. So when you get off work you do not have to far to travel. We also provide private transportation help for the those 4k-12th grade for the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, 14 afterschool locations, City of Florence Maple, North West and Levy sites.

If you want your child to go to an afterschool facility but they do not have transportation we may be your answer. We strive to say yes to all your transportation needs with your God Gifts.

Doing what do one can or dares to do!