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Yo!... I'm Buzz, I come from a huge family of worker bees. While they are in pursuit of pollen they found a safe place for me to be myself. My family does not have to get their antennas crossed because they lead me to spread my wings in this world at Bee Helpful. What a place to soar with my learning. I hope I get the chance to fly to new heights with you. Call us at 307-4951  with any questions you may have as you surf our site.

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Yes, Alfred E. Rush School has been added to our ministry! We are helping other daycares to get their kids by to Florence from Quinby!

We are THE Afterschool TRANSPORTATION Provider

FSD1 Teacher -child deliver option so no afterschool care cost to you where available

Sneed to West Florence Student and Sport Shuttle

We can be your Referral Help for Florence Daycare and afterschools